Attempted assassination on an antifascist in Dortmund (Germany)

At the last Sunday afternoon, three masked Persons lurked for an 24-year old Antifascist  in a car, in front of his apartment in the western part of the City of Dortmund. They beat him up, an Attacker stabbed the comrade two times! Despite the wounds in the stomach, the victim was able to flee. The comrade was a victim of an attack by fascists before. Dortmund is a locale of militant nazi-violence. After the community-election, by which the nazis of “Die Rechte” were able to get a seat in the local parliament, nazis tried to attack the election-party in the town hall of Dortmund. A lot of attacks on antifascists followed. Now the Nazis attacked someone by the daylight, masked and armed in the front of the apartment of the victim, in a busy district of the city, while they took his death approvingly purchase. When there´s no corresponding reaction, it will be a relapse to the nazi-killings from 2001 to 2006.
This new threat must be stopped by all antifascists, in a union organized people, migrants and all social Organizations.